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Proprietary Trading Groups

Direct Access strives to provide best in class service to professional trading groups whether they are just starting out or established groups that have been trading for decades. Direct Access wants to help incubate new traders and be a partner in growing their business. Direct Access offers a wide range of execution, clearing and financing services. 

Professional Traders

Whether you are on a team, or trading on your own, Direct Access can offer you global access to clearing and execution services. Direct Access is able to support different types of trade. Our back office is staffed by professionals with decades of experience who are able to offer accurate allocations and fast response.

Retail Clients

Traders looking for a low cost and self service can utilize Direct Access as their clearing firm as well as technology provider.


Direct Access can offer some of the lowest commission rates in the industry with no hidden fees. Please see our technology page HERE for a free trial to our ZD Trader.

Introducing Brokers

Direct Access is able to work with and clear Introducing Brokers. Direct Access staff is very farmiliar with IB business model and know what is needed to fully service IB’s business. Whether it is legal, compliance or marketing support, Direct Access is there to assist its Introducing Brokers. Some benefits of choosing Direct Access as your partner are:


​ - 24-hour help desk

 - We clear both Independent and Guaranteed Introducing Brokers

 - Proprietary back and middle office systems allow the IB to customize reporting

 - Client Portal fully integrated for ease of use

 - Multi-asset front-end platform available to all brokers and their clients

Commodity Trading Advisors

Direct Access has the ability to support both emerging and established Commodity Trading Advisors and Funds. With our technology and cross-border expertise, we can meet the needs of wide variety of potential customers. Some benefits of choosing Direct Access are:


​ - Professional support desk

 - Proprietary Back and Middle Office for Allocations

 - APs and Introducing Brokers that have experience selling Managed Futures  

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Disclaimer: Future trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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