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In addition to limiting risk, options on futures can complement existing equity strategies and add diversification by allowing trades to be placed in uncorrelated markets. Markets like corn, wheat, soy, etc. will move differently than stocks or the S&P 500.

A trader who may want to have multiple trades can spread their risk out in different markets while using similar trade set ups. An equity trader might be in several equities at the same time and also trade, for example, one of the grains. In addition to diversifying by asset class, options on futures provide ease-of-access to all the major equity indexes. This allows the options trader to participate in the broad market just like an exchange traded fund (ETF) or cash-settled index.

A variety of markets can be opened up to you when you add options on futures to your trading portfolio. This range of choice offers market participants additional opportunities to diversify.

Top Options on Futures for Individual Investors
E-mini S&P 500
Crude Oil
Henry Hub Natural Gas
10 YR Treasury Note
Euro FX
Japanese Yen
British Pound

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