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Limitation and conditions of ITD Buying Power

Limitations of ITD Buying Power:
1.Intraday Purchasing Power could only apply on your account during intraday trading hours, (7AM to 4PM). This means you could receive a margin call if your total equity is lower than maintenance margin after market close (4PM).

2.Your intraday purchasing power will be temporally revoked if there is an unmet margin call on your account.

3.If your account’s equity balance drops below $5,000, your intraday purchasing power will be temporally revoked until your account balance reaches above $5,000.

4.Direct Access USA LLC reserves the right to revoke your intraday purchasing power anytime if we consider your account to be high risk or the market condition escalated to a severe level.

Are there any fees for using Intraday Buying Purchase?
We do not charge anything to enable purchasing power. And there is 0 interest apply when you use your intraday purchasing power!

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