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What is Buying Power?

Total purchasing power is your total excess equity, plus the intraday purchasing power we provided for you. This amount maybe different during intraday trading hours and night session.

How we calculate your Total Purchasing Power?
Your total purchasing power is calculated by taking your Available Funds, plus your intraday purchasing power.

DA Intraday purchasing power is the excess equity you can use to purchase your futures and options positions through Direct Access USA LLC. We provide intraday purchasing power to qualified clients and only available during intraday trading hours (7 AM to 4 PM). You can check if you are a qualified client here.

Available Funds Calculation:
New Cash Balance (New Cash Balance from yesterday's closing statement)
- Open Trade Equity (If OTE is negative)
- Option value (only short option value is calculated)
- Margin (with multiplier when applicable)
- Frozen funds (including pending orders margin)
- Pending Withdrawals
= Available Funds Calculation

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