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Your Profile

a. What is my profile?
Your profile helps you better understand how you’re investing. You’ll see what percentage of your portfolio is invested in futures & options, as well as breakdowns into each asset by sectors and types.

b. How do I create a username?

c. What can I edit?

d. Can I log in with my username?

e. If I created a username a long time ago, can I use that?
Yes, you can still use that same username to log in. You’ll also see this username displayed on your profile.

f. What is my investing breakdown?
You can find your investing break down in your own client portal

g. Is my profile public?
No. Your profile is private and only you can see it.

h. Account Security & How to sign into Direct Access from a new device

i. Updating Your Notification Settings

j. Transferring Futures & Options in and out of Direct Access
We'll be sure to update the help center, and our social media pages should we implement this feature.

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