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Your full solution to the global derivatives markets, plus the tools you need to put your money in motion. 

Featuring Technology
Focusing on Brokerage


Bring the "Futures" to everyone.
Instant. Easy. Direct Access.


Make Futures Investing Accessible for All


From Hong Kong Hang Seng Index to US Interest Rates, with nearly 2000 products traded on 20 exchanges worldwide, Direct Access USA (DAUS) gives you access to the markets you want to trade.


With our user-friendly platform and educational support, let Direct Access USA help to demystify and bring the financial markets to you.


Built on Direct Access USA's robust infrastructure, our proprietary platform has the data quality, coverage, and reliability that global traders have come to expect.


Direct Access USA holds customer’s funds in segregated and secured accounts per CFTC regulations. Your funds are kept separate from our house funds. As your partner in finance, we do not engage in proprietary trading.


Spend less in One App!
Introducing DA Mobile Trading Platform!

Every investors could enjoy the futures trading on-the-go with innovative functionality built by DA mobile platform.

Direct Access USA also provides market-moving information to help everyone stay on top of the market trend.


Instant. Easy
Direct Access.

Our revolutionary platforms making investing easier than ever for everyone.

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